Using DelayRGB to delay more then 100 frames

Hi dear people,
I´m a vvvv beginner and I´m really stuck right now.

So I use a kinect (1) and the “Player” node to get player´s silhouettes and I´d like to delay the color channels by a specific amount each. Now the DelayRGB node works pretty well for that. Thing is: when i turn the frame Delay over 100 the associated color just disappears. Same with Queue- when i insert a Queue node to delay the entire projection, the image does disappear.
Now i had a good look at the DelayRGB node but i don´t find the issue. I also don´t quite understand the shader.

Thanks in advance, have a happy new year!

if it works with a delay <100 and stops working at >100 then this looks like your graphiccard is running out of memory there. how much vram do you have? can you try on a card with more vram?

Hi, thanks so much for your reply!
I use a Radeon HD7970 with 3gb of videoram. It SHOULD suffice.
I don´t have a GPU with more Ram in reach, unfortunately.
Any ideas?

does Renderer (TTY) report anything? and does it really work with a delay <100?

if it’s a compute shader u might need to change stride or something else somewhere…

Thanks guys, it turned out I´m just a complete idiot.

Problem solved, the framecount was accidently connected with a value and the cable was covered by a node. Seems like i should work on my patch layout.

I´m very very thankful though that you tried to help me. I felt completely lost. This took way too long. :D

odd… works for me with Frame Count on a quite old graphiccard. you didn’t mention dx9 or dx11?!. so please post a very simple patch that shows your problem.

Problem solved, I connected something wrong by accident and didn´t see the cable. Dumb me. Seems like i have quite some workflow issues to fix with vvvv still.
Thanks for your help!