Using color tracker(free frame)


I am trying to use the free frame color tracker. It works well but when 2 objects of the same color appear it detects it as one big object. For example 2 red objects with a big enough space between them appear as 1 big red object (as shown in the screen shot). I am wondering if there is any solution to make the system detect them as 2 individual red objects? I have currently also tried using the contour tracker but since it requires the texture to be in gray scale first I lose the object id of the color tracker… and therefore not as helpful either.
Also as a side question is the freeframe color tracker useable in vvvv 64 bit? As I have installed the addon pack for it but it only appears as a red node. It works fine in 32bit.

yes, it only works in 32-bit since freeframe is not available for 64-bit.

Depending on what you want to do you should also consider using vvvv gamma and the VL.OpenCV pack which allows for much more sophisticated tracking. If you want to go that route, first get familiar with the vvvv gamma basics starting with the tutorials. Then come back in case you’re stuck.

Thanks for the suggestion and the tutorial links. I will start looking into vvvv gamma.
I am actually trying to track individual Lego bricks. So I thought it would be easier to assign each brick to a color and track it.