Using a Drawing Tablet for Projection Mapping in Realtime - Suggestions?

I have a project idea for interactive real-time video projection mapping. Is it possible to allow users to create animated designs in a program like Processing using a drawing tablet and then have it be projected in real-time as the animation is being created? It would be on one computer and tablet where users would switch off to contribute to the animation and projection. It would be projected on a flat surface on probably just one wall with 2D visuals.

I was originally thinking of using After Effects to allow people to create and interact with the animation, but that may need too much processing power since I want the animation to change as the pen’s coordinates and pressure changes on the tablet.

It would probably need a lot of scripting done. For the animation I was planning on animating shape layers in after effects using wiggle expressions. I was hoping the shapes could change if I programmed it with a drawing tablet. I’m just not entirely sure where to go with this and what software is the best to use and if using a drawing tablet even makes sense. I really want it to be interactive and unique. I know After Effects can be used in real-time with Millumin for projection mapping: I’m not sure if Processing would be better or some other program.

I’m new to this site and started looking at the Video Effects and Compositing, would that work well for my idea? The real-time aspect and interactivity is very important to me. I have a Macbook Pro so I’m not sure if vvvv is the best choice for me…would Quartz Composer be better?

I hope this made sense. I’m happy to explain anything if you have questions! I appreciate any suggestions at all.

hei guest,

vvvv should provide all you’re looking for. check the Tablet (Devices WinTab) nodes helppatch and start reading here: projection mapping primer
then come back with more specific questions…

Okay thank you joreg,

It does seem like what I want to do is possible and I have updated my description. I have a Mac and I know I can get Boot Camp, but I’m not great at coding. I wonder if Processing or Quartz Composer would be easier for what I’m trying to do? I hope I’m getting more specific. It would be 2D visuals created with the tablet and projected on a flat surface.

all three of them (quartz composer, processing, and vvvv) are fine for doing 2d animations, and all of them provide the basic facilities to “map” it to architecural features.
each of them has its distinct quality, both algorithmically and aesthetically.

What’s best for you noone knows, but the future you.

What I can say to you is: vvvv proved helpful to A LOT of people like you, that didn’t know how to code and yet wanted the algorithms out there to be useful; especially for interactive stuff with scalable awesomeness on output.

exactly what velcrome said + I’d suggest looking at some video tutorials to get an idea if working with vvvv could be something for you.

I would use this cool Contribution as a start: drawsmooth-(dx9)

Also have a look at the Homography (Transform 2d) helppatch.

Those two things combined can already bringt you a huge step towards your goal.

v4 is the way to go. You can do so many great things without a line of code…