Using 2 markers to interact

hi. i have another problem.
(i hope that some day problems will end and i can help a bit :-) )

im trying to connect 2 markers to work together.
in first step i wanted to draw a simple line
from one marker to another.

i have the matrix transform but don’t know what it gives back.
coordinates ? vector ?
i tried to split it on XYZ and apply that data to a vector
but that ditn’t work somehow.
when i try to remember my math in school i would have to substract the two positions and use this as a vector to draw the line… but how…

in second step i wanted to have a texture between two markers
from their middle point and as big as the distance is.
how could i reach this ?

i searched the forum and the docs but didn’t find.

ok… solved the line thing, i will post it this evening.

Did you read this post??

Or is this not about feducials? *before I patch something useless.

Still my problem is to draw a plane out of 2 points.
what i have is 2 points (XYZ) which i connected with a line.
now with this 2 points i want to create a vector plane if thats possible. i tried quad, plane and nothing worked.

if someone could give me a tip i would be a very happy man.

how? are the two points the edges? if so, which edges? and should the plane be paralell to the screen?

if you use a quad, its quite simple, add the xyz coords of the positions togehter and divide by 2. so you get the center between the two positions. there you place the quad. then you would need the size of the quad, this could simply be the difference of the x and y coords.

yea, i will have to set the center of the quad and
resize it. like you have said. i will try to divide that

If I get it correct, your 2 markers are the corners off an object, and that object can be a quad? so you can use it to scale and your object?

edit: forum goes fast 2day :D

This.v4p (6.7 kB)

wow, i tried that before and it didn’t work.
now, i have that points in 3d so the z axis is missing.
here is what i have (using ARtools to get tha matrix and so on)

*selecta2: thats now my position centering, after some shugar (coke and chokolate) my brain started working again.
now the resizing :-)

thank you very much til now.

Selecta.v4p (7.4 kB)
Selecta2.v4p (12.8 kB)

Yea, its done ! Thank You.
i will post the final project some day.

using spreads, its only 3 nodes:

Selecta3.v4p (10.4 kB)