Username change

hey webdev’ss
can i ask a request?
can i change my name here on vvvv from sugokuGENKI to elliotwoods ?

Don’t do it! You’ll regret it in the morning

while you’re at it plz change mine to max power!! :D


i want mine to be changed to u8angel :p

I was hoping to get Westbam, sure I asked before.

But the Wiki pages we already made need to get owner change, think by hand, but I do hope they can make an exception for mr. Woods.

pls change mine to m8dfukc :p

I like my name…

it’s like the movie Big.
I go to sleep wishing for something from the ineffable
And see what happens when I wake up

right now i’m still not grown up it seems…

elliot & west: I’ve changed your usernames. Afaik all should be fine for you with the new names, but let me know if you have any troubles. Of course you need to log in with your new name now.

m4d: sounds like you got if of a hairdryer :)

Wow, thanks, this is more like me. :)

Was always making typos when trying to login in here.

wow))… no text …

@dave - thanks so much

i think it was a toss up between you having time to do that
or everybody else having time to take the piss for asking and me changing my mind :)

i like it, it’s a new me

@dave: how do you know that? are you spying on me??!?

@elliot: congrats on your new you! ;)


sugokuGENKI elliotwoods is better…