User modules & help patches

I’ve downloaded several very handy user modules
from this site in the ‘pre-tiki’ & the ‘tiki’ era;
some of them & their help patches follow the path convention
described on the ‘tiki-index.php?page=Modules’-page,
some don’t…
All in all it’s a mess…

If I try to structure modules & help patches
some help patches can’t be opened with F1 anymore or don’t the find their modules…
But I would like it all in one order…

Is there a way to restructure modules & help patches by hand?
… via editing .v4p files in a text editor?

Thanks for this great piece of software!


its no problem to edit a .v4p file with a text editor. i think you can correct the path of the module in the helpfile this way to get all modules/subpatches in the helpfile working.
as i understand the new helpfile-folder, you only have to store the help file in the same structure like you stored the modules …

hope you get it.


help files finding the modules-- no problem. but i somehow cannot open the helppatch with F1. the strucutre is 1 - 1 equivalent at modules and help-folders. did i overseen something?

open a Renderer (TTY) and see what it says there. if a helpfile cannot be found it should tell you where it was looking for.

haaa! That did the work. Thanks a lot.