Use Z coordinate only

Hi all,

I’m brand new to vvvv and I think I have a fairly simply question, I’m currently struggling with the coordinates, what I would like is to control only the Z coordinate, be able to connect a spread to it so it changes the value dynamically. I tried several different ways but I’m always stuck with the Y coordinate.

I’ve attached an image that explains my idea, instead of having -0.3 if I could input the value from somewhere else without affecting X,Y it would be great.

Hope anyone can help,

if you want to add the Z to the original Z then your patch looks good and you just have to replace the IOBox with a Vector (3d Join).

if you want to replace the Z completely then you have to use a Vector (3d Split) for the original coordinates and connect X and Y to a Vector (3d Join) and your new Z to the Z of the join node.