Use web data to control animation

hi guys,
I’m new in VVVV.
My question is, how to use VVVV to get some reasonable numbers from web to control animation?
Any examples? ideas, or tutorials?
Like i sad, im new


you can use the mysql node if you have a server/localhost running mysql and give access to it, and fill it up from a form you can put online for visitors, a nice idea could be to load random websites and generate numbers fromn the actual text and follow links, like a spider, you can wrap this in a php script just for simplicity and echo out the results, a few questions: have you got any experience in programming? what type of animation you want to control? (flash:multi-timeline, videos?)

i have some experience in processing, but not enough, I’m a visual artist, that’s why i chose platforms like VVVV, max/msp, and so.
I want to control simple animation, or maybe send it on arduino to control leds.
thanks for the help so far!

well with OSC wia UDP you can do it alot easier, why don’t you try with something simple firt…


maybe you should try to define a little bit more precise what you want to achieve.

like @antokhio)) and ((user:visualex already tried to say:
they may be several other alternatives to reach your goal.

anyway for controlling vvvv via web pls check:
*the webinterface of @david (maybe you have to search the old forums for that )
**is completely “patched” so it may consume some performance
**but is working reliable
*the diploma of @phlegma
**is plugin-based; i heard of some compatibility problems related to the vvvv-beta you are using.