Use TUIODecoder as "mouse input" with renderer (HTML URL)

Hi there,

is there a way to use the TUIODecoder input as a mouse position to navigate through a website, rendered with the renderer (HTML URL).
I can´t find any mouse position-inputs at the renderer (HTML URL).

thanks in advance

try Cursor (System)

ok, thanks,
this works for the cursor position. Due to the missing click and drag&drop events of an TUIOtouch, I built a “do left click” event, triggered to the cursor moving.
So, every time, the TUIODecoder gets messages, the left mouse button is clicked.
In the Cursor (System)-Inspector and in the Renderer (Flash)-Inspector it works well, the left mouse button is only clicked when I´m touching the TUIOtouch and moving my fingers.
But in the Renderer Windwow and in the Mouse (System Global)-Inspector the left Mouse Button isn´t released sometimes.

any Ideas?

TUIO_mouse_cursor.v4p (5.5 kB)
the sample swf file for the Renderer (Flash) (867 Bytes)

yeah, i got it:

thanks kalle and Elias

TUIO_mouse_cursorV3.v4p (11.4 kB)