Use COM port directly as IO contacts?


Is it possible to use a standard COM port to plug regular I or 0 switchs ?
(I need only two buttons).

Thank you.

i dont know if its possible, i dont think its a good idea
this is way more simple

howto gameport

Even simpler: Mouse (System Global)

Thank you for tour answers.

I don’t have a gameport and can’t add one.

The mouse trick is clever but then i can’t use my computer while using the buttons (it will click everywhere)

I bought a USB to parallel cable and had a try with the port node without success. I think my cable emulates a USB printer port and not a parallel port.

Any idea?

i would buy the cheapest usb midi controller and you can get many i/o and analog imputs, or arduino ?

In fact there IS a parallel port on my motherboard. Just no external serial plug, and guess what, it WORKS so far via the port node !

I’ll post again after testing further.

if you have USB you can add a Gameport.
there are several adaptors around.
they cost 10-20 € , when they have a switch with 4 positions, they will work. put into position 3. i have several of those…

I would use serial over parallel every day. You can go buy a $20 logitec USB came controller and just take it apart and rearrange two of the contacts, or put your own contacts that close when the pad is pressed… easyier than using an ancient gameport (and as an avid gamer, I have never in my life plugged into one of those).

XOR you could use an arduino, they usually show up as a COM port. thats the third time Ive said that tonight on these forums, Im gonna go eat a cookie.