Use browserplugins in chromium html texture plugin?


anybody knows if its possible to install webplugins for the chromium plugin?
i try to display pdfs via chromium…

it should load NPAPI plugins (like the flash and silverlight plugins for firefox), but the last time i checked the adobe pdf plugin didn’t work. only workaround i can give you for now is to use some online reader, like for example the one from google.

hi elias,

do you think it could be possible to load the unity3d webplugin?

i guess not.

Actually i am just playing Battlestar-Galactica Online inside vvvv right now. It is Unity Web 3D based game entirely .
The question got me interested so I decided to check if it is possible.

Have fun now :D

strange, when i tried the demos on it did not work.

Strange indeed , i just tested the unity demos as well and everything works there too. playing Battle Star Galactica Online

Are you sure you have recent version of the unity player vvvv, directx etc ?

I dont have chrome installed but everything works without a problem.

Can you give us description of what happens when you try to load unity live demo for example ?

@synth: that is Renderer (HTML URL) which is internet explorer, what elektromeier spoke about is the chromium renderer which is HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture URL)

Oh … damn i didn’t even read properly …

Sorry for the misleading information :(