Usage: Sequencer (animation advanced)

I cannot figure out the Sequencer (animation advanced):
What is position? In the help patch I get negative positions during playback and the time at which the value changes has nothing to with what comes from the XML file.
I do not understand the connection between the keyframes in the XML and time/position/output.

Please help!

It keeps getting weirder…

I’ve played around with the Advanced Sequencer a bit more:
“Time” is only used as clock, meaning the “time” of recording is measured starting from the press of “record”. The keyframes are recorded with their time equal to the “position” output. This position output gets set to zero when you press “record” except when record is already active and you start time, then you get a negative recording position.

When you play back a sequence, position may start at a negative value (not the same as the recorded position) and loops back to it when reaching zero. When you have recorded something with positive position keyframes, the only way to get a playback is an explicit seek to 0.0, then it works.

WTF? This seems broken, or I am using it extremly wrong. Is there a way to get a look at the source?

Could someone please verify this behavior or tell me what I am doing wrong?

hei karnickel, source of the node is here:

Thank you joreg, I’ll look into the source and post a solution here when I find one.