Url encoding

i want to html-post some message including plain text that has to be converted to url standard. do i have to make a module that substitutes all reserved characters?

what about unicode characters? can i send a translation querry from i.e. russian via url ?

i’ll try to make sense:

i am after sending hex querries with html post. it’s all fine with ansi characters, but i need utf8. it seems ord(string) does not understand utf8? is there another way?

ord hmm.v4p (15.5 kB)

haven’t found any solution yet.

but i think ord has no problem. as far as i understood, utf8 can have variable bit length. so only the standard ascii characters can be decoded with unsigned8bit, others might be encoded with 2byte. i guess thats why ord is not giving you what you want

yes; Ord always just outputs the raw bytes of the UTF-8 encoded string. so you would need to manually take care of the three UTF-8 Escape Sequences. this seems not too difficult to patch though.