Urgent project help!

ok.i got a bit of a problem.i was building something on vvvv based on the idea that i can connect several webcams to my computer and let each of them track a different object.
today i bought a 2nd webcam since i had only one so far and found out it doesnt work!!.
the computer will only take one of these inputs and cannot take both of them simultaneously.
if you have any suggestions ill be thankfull.

are both cam of the same kind ? if so i think it’s a driver problem. the ppl who make webcams don’t expect that someone needs more than one.

one solution i can recommend for multiple video_ins is the spectra8 card http://www.ituner.com/spectra.htm

i once tried 3 USB Cams and one input from an analogcapture card. it did work without any problems. you have to create two videoin nodes and switch each of them to the correct source…!
can you post your patch`?

hey thanks
ive attached an example of the file im working on
i did took care not to buy from the same manufacture since i thought this could be trouble ; ) so thats not a problem .
im hoping there’s some solution to this problem without investing 400$
in it.
thanks again for yr help

example.v4p (29.3 kB)

hmm. from your patch there is nothing special that shouldn’t work. in the VideoIn nodes “Driver” enum pulldown. what does it say there? do you have two drivers listed?

yes. each driver for another camera (cam pro,q-tec)

nkay. now open a Renderer (TTY) before you open your patch. when opening your patch it should spit out some mess there. post that mess here for i could try to find a reason for your troubles in there…

got some problems my computer doesnt accept both drivers somehow anymore.before i could see both of the drivers in the video node and choose between them but now i cant do it anymore and when i try the computer sometimes crashes.
ill try doing the renderer thing as soon as i get this fixed.thanks.

ive attached the text from the tty renderer.
i would note that i cant even get both camera’s to work simultaneously outside of vvvv.once i connect both the usb’s to the camera’s one of them disables the other and i can only get input from one of them.
if you have ny suggestions that would be really helpfull im really stuck with this thing.
if theres no easy solution for this can i do something like 2 pc’s and sending the info over the network from one computer to another?where can i find info about that?
appriciate yr help

renderttytxt.txt (2.2 kB)

can you get either to run in vvvv. independently?

do you have more than 2 usb-ports on your computer? if so then try different combinations. it could be a bandwith problem: sometimes usb-ports share bandwidth. you could also try with a lower image resolution to reduce overall needed bandwidth.

thanks joreg
i think it is a bandwidth problem since i got some notice about having not enough bandwidth at some point.i tried having a lower resolution displayed
but that doesnt work since my computer seems to reject more than one input. i wonder if i can split the bandwidth some how thru windows.
again thanks a lot for the help

i don’t think that you can assign bandwidth to a usb port…
another computer should help. i’ve successfully run two webcams (of the same brand: philipps toUcam) on a 3 year old laptop.