Urgent! copier (file async) problems

hi all,

i’ve got a little problem over here. i’m using the copier (file async) to transfer some files (50mb and up) from one pc to another via smb at a wireless connection. at this point i can achieve a download rate of around 15mbit/s. if i copy the same file using the old copier (file), i get 20mbit/s+ for the same action.
the problem remains the same, if i use a wired connection, where i can achieve 85mbit/s with copier (file) and nearly 100mbit/s with copier (file).

if i just do a copy in the explorer, i get 20 mbit/s respectively 100mbit/s as expected.

my question is, what behaviour limits the transfer rate here and what can be done to get rid of this. is there any bandwidth test/ check in the copier (file async)?

thanks in advance for your help,


as i didn’t find a solution so far, i had to push my question up again? where are the devs?