Updateview on/off

Is there anyway to set this automatically, programmatically or save it as default in a patch?
Working with vive and the frame rate jumps from 45 to 90 with it off, that’s quite some performance leap, and so would make sense to do for all finished patches.
Would it make sense to do this as an option for when you go full screen?

now there is! UpdateView (VVVV) in latest downloads/alphas should do what you want. you can connect its Enabled input to a renderers Is Fullscreen output. any good?

Sounds good, unfortunately I came to realise that the frame rate increase was becsuse the vive has a habit of loosing connection when a different subpatch is tabbed and focused didn’t realise till after a while of tweaking and put the headset on!
Makes a difference, but not as much!
Thanks though joreg!