Unzipping files with vvvv


I would need to unzip a .zip file to a folder, to add this feature to my package 4 vvvv project https://github.com/fibo/vvvv-p4v

What do you think it is the best way to implement an unzip feature?

It could be done with an external .exe (like 7za.exe or unzip.exe), with a Synamic plugin using some C# lib, using powershell or whatever.

What do you think could be the better solution?

There is also another option, that is the coolest and craziest one:read the .zip file as raw and parse the bits, read the headers and implement the unzip algorithm inside a patch :)

or use shell execute with the rigth syntax to a .exe compressor? like TotalCommander does

since the destination pc should run v4 it should have .net 4 running anyways. and think that .net version supports native zipping. so you could write your own plugin/exe without being dependent on any thirdparty things.