Unique address of node in graph

Is there a way of resolving a unique path for a node in the graph of v4?
In the patch window the path of the nodein the filesystem is stated.
But for dynamic patch changing and dynamically generating osc addresses I need the unique position of a node in the patch-graph.

ideally that would look like root/patch_xyID1/subpatch_aNodeID32/nodeNodeID12 for example.

Now I construct this address with getPatch of parent patches and filter the nodename of the parent patches with an xml query. That is quite expensive.

Is there a function like that? Can that be called from a plugin?

Or is there a smarter way to achieve this?


not sure if i got you right:

do you need that for all nodes in your patch?
you do know that every node has an ID-pin which outputs its own Node ID?

actually I need this information inside a patch (node), not outside. and I need a unique address in the graph, not only the id in the parent patch. if I use the same patch twice the node will have the same id again. thus I need the comple path.

ah, i start getting the idea.
maybe the ID in ParentPatch of Self (VVVV) could help you…

nope, that is not enough. If I use the parent patch twice (which I actually do), the ID for the node is the same. I could use it if I forwarded the information into the patch where I need it with links, but that is very inconvenien, since I have to use this function a lot.

right, that is only possible via a plugin for now, see GetNodePath.

a simple plugin could be written that returns its own nodepath minus the last ID. this path could then be used as prefix to other IDs.

great, that is what I was looking for!
many thanks!