Uninstalling vvvv

I am new in using vvvv, and recently I have had some trouble with the node VideoIn.
Unfortunately, I had 3 versions of vvvv installed on my computer, and I thought that if I deleted two of them and kept the latest one, it would open.
Eventually, I realised that I should have uninstalled it by running the crack again and clicking unistall (I am still wondering where that ‘uninstall’ button is, couldn’t find it later on)
And in brief, right now, I have deleted the files - unfortunately from my bin as well- and no matter which version i install and try to open, it doesn’t open any more, because it is searching for a specific file of the version of vvvv i had before.

Does anybody know how i could clear my computer from all vvvv versions (it doesn’t show up in control panel) and start over. I really need to use this program for my project and I made it literally impossible.

Thank you,

Hi aimilia,

There isn’t any uninstall button. Just delete vvvv (send it to recycle bin and delete it) and download the specific version you want… or if you have multiple versions of vvvv and you want to run a specific one (ex. you have version 30.2 and you want to run version 29.2) you run the crack of the 29.2 version and you tick the option “fileTypeAssociation” and “DirectShow filter”.

And it will start from that version. Hope I helped

vasilis is right but for the record, is just good to know that there is an “unregister all” button in the lower right corner (crack.exe) - that will remove all system variables and associated file types and filters.

thank you very much for the help, now it works.!
I still have the issue with some of the nodes though, VideoIn and CalibrateProjector are pink, even if I download them separately, and put them in the right file.
I’m working on vvvv_45beta27.1, should I re-install the latest version in order to open these nodes?
to be honest, I am afraid to start over installing and un-installing vvvvs…
Thank you,

I think you should try using the latest one…I’m not an expert but I think calibrate projector was added later in the addonpack? if someone knows for sure it would be better than me just saying stuff!! Anyway one thing I’m doing if something is not working is trying it with several versions so give it a try and let us know!

@Aimilia, ensure yourself that your videoIn (webcam, camera, vcr) drivers are correctly installed. Do not hesitate to download and reinstall a newer version of vvvv (such as 30.2 - instead of CalibrateProjector node you may use MultiScreen module in newer versions of vvvv though).
here is a quick guide for a clean installation :

  • run crack.exe and press the “unregister all” button
  • Shift+Del or Del the present vvvv folder (ex. c:\myVVVVFolder\vvvv_45beta_versionFolder)
  • unzip (prefarebly with 7zip http://www.7-zip.org/ app) your lately downloaded VVVV archive downloads
  • run crack.exe, verify that everything works fine (3 green lights)
  • finish up your installation by configuring vvvv’s root (contributions - plugins path)
  • run vvvv.exe

good luck !