Uniform texure on sphere with reflection

I’m trying to have an uniform texture on a sphere with the reflections shader. Attached the patch I’m working on. I guess is something related to the addressing, if i change AddressU and AddressV I can change the type of tiling of the texture, but still it’s tiled. How could I have an uniform texture on the surface of the sphere?
Please give me some help!

spherical texture mapping.rar (6.4 kB)

hello, the shader uses a cube map as environment map, not a normal 2d texture…

I remember Joreg recently release some patch/module that created and saved an image that could be converted to a cubemap. I can’t find it. Anyone know what happened to it?

huh, not sure what you’re talking about…

I’m sure I saw a patch about 2/3 months ago that rendered 6 views from the same point in the world and arranged them in a renderer so they could be saved out as an image. This could then converted to a cube texture.

I 99% sure I saw a patch on here doing that. Only %50 sure you, joreg, was involved. I remember someone else correcting something and another version being posted.

Or was it all a dream. If it was it was very very real and a good idea. ???++++


wasn’t it writercross texture or something like that? I saw it when I was looking at ways of making my own .dds file. but it did it for cross type cube maps.


have a google for dds creation, there are some tools from Nvidea that will make one for you.


@stulloyd, yeah that was it, but where is it now. I can’t find it for the life of me. Did this not export a type that could be converted to a cube texture. Could a patch be done to do this?

ahright, that was Writer (EX9.Texture CubeCross). included in the main download.

it wasn’t a dream. sweet. that’s the one. thanks stu&joreg.

@mk, got there in the end, Writer (EX9.Texture CubeCross) may help you create some nice cube textures. Gonna have a play myself.

just a note: this new module didn’t make the ‘Change Log’. Should it have done?

I always keep an eye on the ‘Change Log’ to keep up with all the new nodes. Should there not be a ‘Change Log’ for the add-on pack?

thank you guys,
from my post was not clear, but the thing is that I have to use a video texture (live video from a usb cam) as environment map. I see dds texture are only still images. Is there a way to have a 2dtexture feeded with a live video stream as environment map?
tnx vvvvery much …

@xd: that module was shipping with the main download since some years already. i only forgot mention the little fix u7 mentioned recently, thats true.

@joreg, ha, somehow missed it and it’s great. thanks.


You could try to patch the writer node so it creates .dds from your live video, but I guess this will be vvvvery slow.

I was actually thinking of doing something like this for metaballs

Do you really need a cubemap? these are generally for reflection for a scene with reflective elements in them.

As a video mapped onto a sphere is already possible in vvvv, and by using something like a fisheye.fx to texture out and making sure to uncomment the wrap u, wrap v in the shader code for spherical mapping.You may just get what you are after…

Video stretched round a cylinder can also work quite well.

Remember to turn on Depthbuffer dx16-24 on your renderer.

Hope that helps…


Just a heads-up on this I found a nice shader called ‘cooktorrancemultitexture’ in the DXSAS Shader Library from Nvidia which you can download here:


It’s about two thirds of the way down: ‘DXSAS Sample Implementation 0.8’

That shader in particular allows you to use an actual dds cubemap in the normal sense, but combine it with a normal texture (like a videotexture for instance).