Unicorn-tiny issue?

first thank you for the unicorn upgrade version.
i found out if any patch coming with keyboard&keymatch node,i have to connect them manually,otherwise it won’t work. also,not sure too sure is this normal or maybe i did something wrong,if i convert patch to unicorn 10alpha0,then most of the transform node will break as the red node,have to correct them in order to working.
btw,the node still got “question mark”-like “??” don’t know what’s looks like with other asian system

hei liquid,

is this really specific to the unicorn-alpha? can you provide a demo?

not sure what you mean there. 10alpha0? converting a patch? transformnodes red? can you please provide a demo of this?

as for the ?? we already have a cure pending…

Hi Joreg,
I have the same strangeness, if I download files from here: daily/unicorn/?C=M;O=D and start vvvv, then the “spash screen” shows 10alpha0, current date (always). If I’m trying to open patches, a lot of “coverting” pop up and many nodes are red.

That’s how it looks like.

huh…interesting…cannot reproduce this yet but that sounds indeed like a proper bogus. investigating…

hm…when you right-click vvvv.exe -> properties -> details
what does it say as file-version there?

the file version here is,sorry no demo atm,in my case i open the camera(transform softimage) help patch,the keyboard and keymatch not connecting.

i did testing with lasted 45alpha28.3-developXE2 01-Oct-2012 version

pls test newest unicorn alpha, revision f873a

ok,now running good,will report here if i found anything unusual,thxs