Unicenter cologne .x Filez , positioning, camera, weirdly transparent

Hi there,

im currently trying to import some xfiles to vvvv, which are parts of a nearby building in my hometown cologne.

In detail i have taken 1 mesh for the balcony 1 mesh for the flats on the side 1 mesh for the center tower and vertically cloned them in vvvv (linearspred translateY) and added the top part meshes seperatly.

unicenter of cologne ger …

Ok so here are my Problems:

I cant rotate one “wohnblock” sidewing by using yaw, do i have to change xz seperatly?

Why are my meshes transparent or half see-through? Did i screw up while modeling?

How can i set up the UV for a Videotexture to be not tiled?
(vid stretched across the mesh)

Could anyone give me a hint on how to create a randomized camera rotation on beatdetect :)

Thats all there is for now… plz help!

Btw exporting it a single .xfile wont do the job, im experimenting with queued textures and its part of a concept. :X Im a newbe and my patch is fugly.



unicenter.rar (104.7 kB)


*Why are my meshes transparent or half see-through? Did i screw up while modeling?

you need to set Depthbuffer Format on Renderer node via Inspector.
also, you have used Cull node many times to show only back faces (???)

by using many many meshes as you did, you are killing fps for your patch. do you need so many separate objects and why? if you want to fly around with your camera, first you have to setup the scene that is easy enough to swallow for both CPU and GPU.

If you explain what is your goal, i am sure you can get your patch up and running with a little help here or on IRC…


i just tried using cull to fix the transparency…

I think i do need all meshes seperatly… my goal is to make video or GDI texture running up and down the balconies by using the queue texture, making it fit to sound.

That yould be great, just joined the channel :>

Thx for the fast reply. transparency issues are solved :)
How can i display my current render fps, it seems to run quite fluently on my laptop.


Performer or Timing node…

there is a module “PerfMeter”

thx guys,

im almost done, will upload a capture of it in a while ;o



hey you are doing an exelent job here
please show us the final project.

please write here how you solve the rotacion problem i have the same issue with a few things that im doing, nothing so complex, but your patch helped me to understand a lot of things, i would like to view the final patch

please post the solucion to the problem, again, great job


First of all thx for the positiv feedback and intrerest.

Theres a way to set the rotation anchor/point to the center of the “stage” by conntecting a “Rotate” node to a “Translate” node, connecting the transform out to all the meshs needed to be rotated as a if they were grouped. thx to majortom for helping me in IRC.

Ok so heres my progress, im not considering this finished but it does run quite well on my xps notebook in win XP. But… well im not happy with the background, set Fill mode to Fill and you’ll see.

It has a very LSD like look. Ive presented this applying for Fachhochschule Design Düsseldorf, they asked me if i take LSD.

Well ive done some stuff to control it via Wiimote, so you can check that out, done everything with switches/counters because i had to get it done quick and still know very little of vvvv.

Since this is just a fun thing im doing for a Party at that location feel free to use it as u wish.

If anyone has got an idea to add a more techno feel to it (feedback is too trippy but i love it) or could explain why my wiimode control attempts are foolish or would like to help me creating a beatcontrolled cam rotation for this… or or or …

enjoy (hope all path’s are relativ…)


unicenter.rar (298.3 kB)

i atach here my custom camera patch + another patch that i use with Akaimdp24. Use the R nodes with “beats”. i cant help you with the beats, i nedd did that
and i also attach my custom wimote control patch

i hope you get some ideas from there.

i like the modeling, great job, but to be honest, the final render seems " simple ". you need to add something more, then i will show you a few examples of the compositions i made whem im vjing

if you need any help vjandresc4 at gmail

see you ;)

wii 09-01-12 + camera.zip (67.8 kB)


ive got no wiimote on my hand right now, but checked ur patches out… will try to figure them out myself! thx alot, this will help me with camera control.

About the composition…

Yeah i know its a bit empty but this started as a performence test & to check out if this texture flow thing would work with a high amount of .x files.
Would love to do a few minimal comps with some svg’s on planes or in whatever way vector grafix can be displayed.

My aproaches in vvvv are supposed to be mostly vj orientated… after working a bit more on this patch i will send you a mail!

For instance ive never tried one of those mixing patches around… will do… (working with a wiimote / evolution-16 / korg nanopad)

thx… the modelling part was done pretty quick…
see ye