Unhandled exception due to mouse event

I keep getting an unhandled exception every two hours or so, I copied the stack trace into this pastebin: https://pastebin.com/A9yB4iRU

It’s difficult to explain when exactly it happens or how to reproduce it, it just happens randomly. Does anyone else have this? Seems it has something to do with handling mouse events…

hi maro, thanks for the report. is this with latest preview 252? also, if you click continue on the exception, does the vvvv gamma continue to run normally?

Hi tonfilm, yes, this is with the latest 252 build. It also causes no issues, everything runs normally after I press continue. But I thought it would be useful to report anyway

this should be fixed in preview 287. please test and report.

So far so good, thanks!

I still get another unhandled exception, however. I already got it often with build 252, but I failed to mention it. Again, it is difficult to consistently replicate it, but it always happens when I’m interacting with the UI (connecting links, dragging IOBox values, etc.) Sometimes it is accompanied by the Skia renderer window closing.

Here’s a pastebin: https://pastebin.com/WcR0HacZ

yes, we are aware of that one and it’s fixed already. waiting for the build server…

please try with preview 301 now.

Yep, no exceptions so far. Looks solved to me.

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