Unexpected red nodes

until a week ago everything seemed to run smoothly on my new machine, but now I get a lot of red nodes on contributions and packs like Dx11, particles, instance noodles etc. And now even some nodes from the standard addon pack.
Could be the version?
I’ve installed the x86 version, because I was taught to do so when I started patching because “some nodes are missing from the x64”, never really asked why, but is this still relevant? Should I go with x64?
Or try to reinstall the packs?

hi ectrome,

concerning all your red nodes, what does TTY say ?
about x86, I’ve been using exclusively x64 for the last three years. You can see what’s missing in x64 builds on this page. Unless x64 lacks a feature you absolutely need for a specific project, I’d recommend using it :)

like sebes said and regarding red nodes see: https://vvvv.org/documentation/debugging#red-nodes

I wasn’t aware of the TTY function, from what I’m reading seems likely to be a wrong CPU architecture problem in most of the cases, I’ll go with x64 then.
But I need to check better, because sometime I get missing errors, even from the help patches of the contributions.
I’ll start with changing architecture and then I’ll see what I’m missing from the contributions.

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