Undo doesn't work on links

I have noticed at least in beta33.1x64 that when I delete links and press ctrl + Z to get them back, nothing happens. it seems like the deletion of links can not be undone.

see patch

undoDeleteLink.v4p (2.9 kB)

Thanks for the proper report,
mine got lost in the shoutbox a couple of days ago ;)

I can confirm this behaviour, it seems like it only happens when deleting a link with rightclick though.

Deleting it via Del is undo-able for me.

(running on 33.1 x86)


In my case I can’t undo deletion of links no matter how I delete them.

Yeah I’m seeing undo not working on links how ever deleted.

here undo on backspace is working but not on right click

should be back working in latest alpha build. please confirm.