Unable to impress people

NOTA BENE: Please translate the content of the following feature request to your sexual orientation, if any.

I remember that if you purchase a vvvv beta license I can see a nice yellow triangle in the splashscreen logo.

Please add something similar (for example a magenta triangle) also in the vvvv gamma splashscreen, in order to give me more chances to impress more girls.

Please include it in this year updates (I am not kidding, we are experimenting serious birth rate down trend in Italy and Europe in general).

its been a while… your mind seems to be playing tricks on you.

there has never been a distinction between free and commercial versions of vvvv (that’s one of its most underrated features really). the yellow triangle in the splashscreen was introduced with beta35, indicating the inclusion of VL.

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opss sorry, yes my mind used to trick me since I was a child

I thought the yellow triangle was the distinction between commercial and free version (I saw it on @dottore pc)

oki… I will improve my gamma patching skill to increase my chances

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