Unable to create node for generic function

I have these two functions in my dll:


I can see both configurations in the node browser, but if I attempt to create a node for the generic signature I get this:


Is this not yet supported, will it be supported, is it a bug?

as i understand, error message tells you the function with the same name already exists, so gamma can not decide which one to take. did you try to rename it? something like SendGeneric? maybe it’s just a bug…

Thanks for the reply @Rayment, the thing is this is working perfectly in straight C#, and method overloads are a very used standard feature. You are right, I could indeed rename it to get out of the jam, but I guess I’d also like to know why this is not working and if it will be supported.

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Consider it a bug. It should be supported. Already stumbled over it a while ago with a different library. I’ll link this thread in the internal issue giving it a somewhat higher priority.


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Just checked with 2021.10 and seems to be fixed. Our internal case as well as the one posted here. Will therefor mark as fixed.

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