Ultra n00b problem

Hello all. just trying to ease into vvvv after learning some max, have to say its a wonderful program. some of the stuff people are coming up with is insane. anyway i built a crappy little patch, yet on the renderer I accidently set fullscreen onto active and whenever i open the patch it goes straight into fullscreen. any shortcuts to get out of it?

tank you

did some searching and found out. alt enter. what a prat. anyway if i ever get anywhere with this beast ill post post some relevant questions soon. Delete this post. i dont want to waste web space with my utter stupidity.

If it makes you feel better, the first time I had a patch in full screen mode I ended up having to reboot the PC to get out of it.

LMAO, Most programs that have full screen react to ALt-ENTER (like windows mediaplayer) for me that was intuitive ;)

The Fullscreen pin on the renderer, set to 1, and you will get instant fullscreen, get out off it (alt-enter), save the patch, and next time you open the patch, it will start in fullscreen mode.

While the idea of Alt+Enter is ceartainly easy to grasp, one other issue is giving many users sporadically a hard time: Under certain conditions, the Renderer will be topmost + maximised, but not have the focus of the keyboard! In that instance, you will not be able to leave fullscreen mode with alt+enter, because your keystrokes will be sent to an underlying window, not to the renderer (note that alt-enter works on all vvvv windows).
This is an important issue to know about. In such a case, it helps to just click with the (invisible) mouse pointer into the area of the render window (again, without clicking on any underlying controls in another window), - you’ll have to do so blindly and sometimes need multiple tries to succeed - and then repeat the ALT+ENTER procedure.