Ultimate data converter Kit (HEX,Ascii,Value,String)

Hello Guys,

I was trying to have a working converter routine for the following:

1-raw to hex string - hex string to raw

2-ascii to hex string - hex string to ascii

3-value to ascii - ascii to value

4-hex to value - value to hex

…basically all possible data conversion of those.

I did some modules long ago some of them seem to work some others not sure but then, the raw nodes came, so maybe there are better more effective ways now ?

could you help me out gathering this conversion utils ?

thanks in advance

UltimateDataConverter.rar (14.8 kB)

attached a starterkit.
Conversions.v4p (31.1 KB)

in case you’re looking for these in VL, check: ToString and TryParse

cool, thank you joreg ¡¡

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