UI: Extend Canvas

Sometimes it gets a little congested at the top/left of a patch, and you have to highlight everything and move it. A nice feature would be to ctrl+drag in the upper left to EXTEND the vvvv “canvas.” In other words, your nodes would stay in the same place but the left/top border would extend.It would have pretty much the same effect as highlighting all and moving, but it would be a lot faster.

Just a simple improvement I thought of after moving everything a couple of times today :)

CTRL-A selects all. and then dragging…
i don’t think that your solution will be lots faster…

btw some scrolling hints:

CTRL - Mousewheel|fast vertical
ALT Mousewheel|horizontal
CTRL ALT Mousewheel|fast horizontal||

ALT Mousewheel–> horizontal is great never knew that , always had to move nodes to left or right when making large conections

Yeah Kalle, I guess you are right about the ctrl+a approach (which I do use). In the heat of the moment though it sometimes would feel more intuitive to just drag it out, but there are definitely other things higher up on my wishlist.