uEye Camera .ini file


i want to change the picture size of my ueye - ethernet camera.
i know there are .ini - files
how can i use them within the vvvv-plugin?

thank you_alex.

ai alex,

i don’t have my uEye at hand and its been some time since i last used it. i only remember that i always did some resolution settings via graphedit. afterwards they were available with the plugin. never used any .ini files. the plugin could possibly be extended to use .ini files though…

edit: omg, totally misread teh topic. don’t post when drunk…

haha… no text …

since i’ve been asked again about this. obviously can remember even less 5 years later, but seems i was referring to using GraphEdit in order to configure some settings which the uEye node then picked up.

i’m quite sure meanwhile someone has written a better plugin against a more recent version of their sdk. if so, please contribute!