UDP Sharing in Boygroup

Hi, first time posting to the forum…

I’m using Boygroup to control several clients, each displaying an array of videos. The Boygroup server is connected to a Python webserver on the same machine and receiving OSC/UDP messages, in the form: /wos/number1,s1. When I try to pass them to the Boygroup clients only the address gets through, followed by a bunch of special characters: /wos/number1#0#0#0,s#0#01#0#0#0.

Is there a way to convert this?

Also, the UDP info transferred to the Boygroup client only get through about half the time. I assume it is falling between frames. I tried S+H but the message is going to a Toggle and it doesn’t like the continuous input. Is there something like Damper for strings?


wos.zip (6.0 kB)


not exactly sure if i get your problem. the “special characters” you are referring to are part of the osc message.

one idea:
if you want your clients to receive the unmodified osc-messages, why don’t you, instead of going via the boygroupserver simply broadcast (by sending to an ip like x.x.x.255) from your python app and directly receive the stuff with the clients?

Great! That worked.

Still curious about the OSC message and Boygroup, though.

UDP Network Server > IOBox on Boygroupserver displays: /wos,s1

The same IOBox on the Boygroupclient displays only: /wos

(though it shows /wos#0#0#0s#0#01#0#0#0 on its input pin).

But that can be for another day.


i cannot check that right now but if it is as you say that server and client show things differently thats not cool of course. still it might not be a problem though. note that the IOBox (String) has a conficuration pin named Show Characters…. try that one. and see if they both show the same string then.

I checked the configuration pin on IOBox. It changes the display on the IOBox on the Boygroupserver from /wos,s1 to /wos#0#0#0,s#0#01#0#0#0, but on the Boygroupclient, the same IOBox displays only: /wos in both cases.

But its not a problem for me now because I’m avoiding it by using your broadcast suggestion.