UDP > OscDecoder giving intermittent values of O suing OSCGlue

I’ve linked up Ableton Live to VVVV using OSCGlue (same machine) and it seem to be working apart the fact that often during the steady stream of values being output from Live’s timeline the values frequently change to Ø and back to the value again,

anyone know why this is happening or how to fix it?



yes, thats because ableton does not send values all the time. vvvv only renders a value when one is sent by ableton. but you can avoid the Ø easily with a S+H (Animation): only insert the value to the S+H when there is something received. check that with Count (Spreads) and > (Value). then you will always have the latest value at the output of S+H.


Ah yes, now i see what you mean, thanks for your reply and direction, appreciated.


ok, i hear you. Thanks for your reply. Well Ive only just started playing around again.

I’ve used on Change with S+H and it seems to work, allthough if i drag along the Live timeline it doesnt always update to the correct value via osc, It seems to output values intermittently so that even Change doesnt always pick up a, erm, change.

Anyway i was wondering if therr is a node to test for Ø? As when i start the patch for the first time all the values are set to Ø. Id like these to default to 0. I can seem to find the right node, is there one?


ah now i find the ReplaceEmpty node, i think that will help! :)

you also can try AvoidNIL (Spreads)