UDP or RTP video streams

hey fellas!

someone know if is possible to receive (and play) UDP or RTP video streams in VVVV?


looks like VLC can manage it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InxO6tviZOE)
and FileStream is VLC based, or not?

hey, yea Luper u righht, but it’s not implemented in recent dx11 version, so if u wanna use it u have to use old dx9 version, there might be a work around with HTML nodes, basically if u can open ur stream in a browser, u might be able to open it from vvvv browser. That’s all i know i’m afraid

do you mean that FileStream (EX9.Texture Vlc) and FileStream (DX11.Texture Vlc) got a different implementation? BTW I see that the EX9 have the help file (a messy one XD) and there are examples of VLC command syntax inside, I’ll start from there



looks like FileStream (EX9.Texture Vlc) does not work on my computer, even downgrading VLC to 1.1.9 - perhaps because I’m on 64bit (but in the “Missing in 64bit” say that should work!). Ok I’ll try it on 32bit later
otherwise FileStream (DX11.Texture Vlc) works great

VlcEx9_Prova.v4p (5.5 kB)

so u manged to open stream in dx11 vlc?

no no, just avi file till now

we used SplitCam to stream the vvvv keynode. this little tool registers as a webcam driver and can open quite a lot of different video sources. worth a try… it was running without problems for over 8 hours in a test we did before.

and also you can make some money if you register as a 18+ model… ;)

hey tonfilm, are you saying that with this software its possible to import a video-stream inside a VVVV patch?

(what is your camboy nickname? XD )

SpliCam only can be used with 32 bit builds, right?

to be honest, i haven’t tried it with vvvv. but if its only available in 32bit build then yes, only vvvv 32bit can use it as a VideoIn driver…