UDP JoinMutlicastGroup - sACN

Recently I was back and working on sACN Prototcol, I started with the Kadmium implementation (you may find the original lib here and my implementation here) however I was not quite happy how the UDP server (Listener) was working, so I kept the core for the object classes and I switched to vvvv’s beloved one UDPServer.

The issue now is that there is no way to join multicast groups (I was thinking that it would be nice to use JoinMulticastGroup ) in bulk way.

The important and crucial thing with sACN is that the last two digits of the multicast IP Address are signifying the corresponded Universe, so for instance Universe 1 can be assigned to as Universe 2 to and so on up to .255.255 supporting up to 63,999 universes.

Any advises how else I could approach this?

did you see that the UdpServer node has a hidden pin called “Multicast Group Address”? enable via rightclick → configure. is that it, or does it need more?

Thanks @joreg I am aware of this pin already. I feel quite confused. Here is the thing, I am using an app (sACNViewer) to produce some mock data. According to the sACN mutlicast practices and as I am describing it above, the application (and as far as I know lightdesks too) are using IP Addresses to assign different universes.

So, as I said, ie universe 3 is assigned to but what if I want to watch more than one universes at a time? I tried to se the UdpServer in a foreach loop and merge(spectral) the Observables, but I couldnt receive anything else beside the first universe (I suspect that this is because the restriction of having only once the same port on the physical device) but how else I can approach this?

Can SetSocketOption be called multiple times? With different MulticastOptions / IPAddresses.

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Thank you @bjoern this worked as expected (I know that it is not the best way to implement it, but it does what I asked for). Amazing!