Uberjazz Festival - complete Patch - documented

Hey everybody,

we created a multiprojection mapping for the main stage of the überjazz festival last year.
Finally the documentation video is out:


and I wanted to post some stats and the patch of the projection, maybe somebody can use something from it.

Hardware (1PC):
i7 - 4970k
2x Crucial 550 SSD - 512GB Raid 0
R9 295X2
Decklink Studio 4k
Deckling SDI Duo

We used 3x SDI 720p 50fps VideoIn and projected on the stage background construction with 6x Optoma EW865 WXGA projectors.
We controlled everything with a livid contrlr midi pult.

Here are some pictures from the setup:

Attached is the Patch:


uj_vvvv_forum_upload.rar (5.3 MB)

Cool… no text …

wow thanks for sharing the patch
its a good learning experience to see “live-action” patches from professionals

this is just awesome, thank you!

Another very fine example of what vvvv community should be (and indeed is).

it is always much appreciated when people find the time to do a proper documentation.

great work, congratulation, and also your sharing is very appreciated

Awesome! Thank you.