Two simple things with counter and binary format output

… which I don’t get.

  1. How can I easily convert a int to show it in a binary format as String (5 -> 101 )
  2. I have got a boolean function which sometimes returns null (empty symbol).
    Actually I would like to trigger the counter node on true, but the emptiness messes everything up (the counter output also becomes empty) and I don’t know how to hack around that…


AsRaw(Spreads) and AvoidNil(Spreads) might be your choice :)

There is a Bit (Value) module, but that isn’t really spreadable.
A While ago, some one made me a plugin (I think it was @m4D ), so ehh… hope it helps… the 2nd helpfile is converting to strings.

Read up on the nil: nil

Spreadable Bit Plugin (28.9 kB)

ai youre right, asraw is convertig to hex sorry my fault…

thanks for the help. works fine!