Two Leap Motions on a single computer?

Hi there,
has anyone tried using two Leap Motions with a single Computer? According to the thread in the Leap Dev Area they waned to add support it in the future, so I wanted to know if anybody has tried it.

I’m sure that will be done very soon, most developers got only one, unless you and your friend try sharing it. Would be interesting to see the results. But even using one I’m not that impressed about it, as it is buggy, but can be improved and by restraining some specific movements it can be interesting. We have to wait and see how public react when they buy it from store and what apps are better with it. I like the quadcopter implementation, I think that is the best and more interesting usage thus far. (although they have a policy that forbids using it on motorised hardware in case someone gets hurt and blames Leap, no one really cares though).

tried it with microdee and vjc4 at node in february and it did not work at that time. (0.7.1 sdk if i’m not mistaken)