Twitch Channel IRC Hookup to VVVV

Hey, ( IRC Repost )

i was wondering how to use the IRC node to connect to a twitch chat ( should be fun )

main problem is the password
“/connect join #bla password”

/nick yourtwitchusername
/server 6667 oauth:TwitchOauthtoken

would work on mIRC i guess
only other solution i found would be :

Its an IRC to OSC bridge but not sure if this processing sketch would work with password protected servers/channels.

The other solutions would be some mIRC plugin or script which sends Highlightes messanges via udp/tcp

Twitch iRC Guide

Cant get The processing Sketch to Work, i will try this openbroadcasting chat plugin. Has an API: 10€ seems fair.

Any other ideas?

hei gegenlicht,

i’ve added Password and Channel Password to the IRC (Network Open). i think the first one is what you want to try. hope that helps… see latests alpha.

Wow! Will Test it as soon as im home! Thanks a lot joreg!

Its working great thanks alot again.
Info: I need to open the alpha builds as admin to avoid error messages. win10 x64


hello Can you share your code?

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hey @gegenlicht, i’m struggling to get a connection going to twitch :P

can you explain where you put what info into the IRC node?

I keep getting “we are connected but not in the channel” and “improperly formatted auth”…

any help greatly appreciated :D


Hey, oauth is for password not channel password.

:) thx for reminding me of a fun project :D

( sorry did not see the request earlier )

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Thanks @gegenlicht!

My password field was restricting input to 9 character for some reason, so I never tried forcing the Oauth in there :P

(as you can see I was putting the Oauth in the ‘channel password’ input pin)

Definitely getting a connection now, just no one in chat for me to test how it receives data :D

Do you have any experience with sending messages to the twitch channel? I tried typing a “hello” into the ‘input’ pin and hitting enter, but nothing happened :P

(I’m guessing i just need to read up on the IRC protocols…)

Anyways, thanks again :D

Hey @M3W5 ,
for me just using the Input works. I think it just send the string on change.


Thanks again, its was a formatting error on my behalf again :P

Works now!

So Excited to try all the things :D

i have an issue with the irc node.

i have troubles conneting my twitch account which has a special character (_) in its nickname.
The Input Pin seems to not allow special characters.

Does anybody know a workaround for this problem?