Twice the windows

Hi everybody,

I’m making my first steps with boygrouping. I am not quite sure it’s a bug but each window appears twice on my client, so I have 2 patch tabs docked in the same window, 2 inspektor tabs and so on (strangely, only the renderer remains single)…

So, does anybody know what’s the reason for that? Maybe I should mention that, appart from this, boygrouping works well whereas fugStream doesn’t… But there musn’t be a link.

Take care,

hi Alecz,

this is a bug in the current beta.
you need to specify a root patch via commandline option /r (for the server). then it works as expected.

Hi gregsn,

Thanks for replying. Do you mean I need to replace the /server commandline in args.txt by /r?

no add this /r “c:\PROJECT_root.v4p” command after a space. the ordering of the commandline parameters shouldn’t matter.

Yep! it works!

Thanx mister!