TweenerAnimation Node(s) for Gamma

I recently created a TweenerAnimation node to animate values from a given start value to a target value in a certain period of time, and to start or combine several animations subsequentially or paralell if necessary. This is simply based on a filter node, and Tweener Transition Modes for In/Out as Easing (Expo), Sine, Elastic, Back etc. are made available as well.

It comes with a state output (At start, Active Transition, At target) e.g. to create subsequent animations/triggers.


After the first sucessfull tryouts I’m glad to share it here as well. Opinions or ideas for improvements welcome. Help for builing it a generic node very appreciated as well. With the reset and the retriggarable option I’m not sure yet if there wouldn’t be a better solution here.

The node itself (Float32 and Vector2D):
TweenerAnimation.vl (35.3 KB)

To use it in your patch, copy this VL-File to your projects folder and reference it to your patch:
Patch Menu → Dependencies → files → Add existing…

Examples for application (you’ll need to reference “TweenerAnimation.vl”):

Basic help patch / example:
TweenerAnimation_help.vl (43.9 KB)

Example for combined animations:
TweenerAnimation_Combined_Example_01.vl (26.6 KB)

Had to remove 2D-Version for some issues I could not solve by now.

Therefore the following examples will not work with the current version anymore (until 2D-Version is back):

Example for spreaded combined animations with ForEach-Loop:
TweenerAnimation_RandomSpread.vl (29.8 KB)

Example for a Vector2 Application with Line:
TweenerAnimation_Line_01.vl (29.9 KB)


Thanks Benju, this post should probably be in under the WIP category

Update v.0.2:

  • Had to remove the Vector2 version for now because of an issue
  • No animation (filter) when changing Start Values (automatically triggers a reset if AtStart)

Links updated above.

One possible application (help patch in action — see inintal entry for node / help patch download above):

As well as the combined example from above:


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