Tutorial Pixelshader Preparations fail

I’m following the tutorial Tutorial Effects - Pixelshader Preparations I’m getting a lot of compile errors…
I copy and paste everything but… it doesn’t compile.

I’m using VVVV 45beta31.2
My graphic card is an nVidia GeForce 9300M GS


I’m confused.

something went wrong copy-pasting:

texture Tex <string uiname="Texture" />;

should be

texture Tex <string uiname="Texture";>;

Sorry, wrong screenshot, but it still doesn’t work.


waiting for correct screenshot…

The correct screenshot is where the code is right but errors are still there… They are the same errors. That’s why I didn’t post a screenshot.

then you’ll have to post your patch + effect so we can see whats going on there.

You didn’t clone and edit the right node.

(I’ve reproduced your error by cloning “Template (EX9.Texture)” node)

Restart the tutorial and, as mentioned, clone the “Template (EX9.Effect)” node.

then have fun :)

It was so simple… :3

Thank you @newemka)) and thank you for the patience ((user:joreg.