Tutorial for doing this kind of particles

good day friends,
I want to learn to create particle systems of the kind made in this wonderful project which uses vvvv:

can you give me any hints of any tutorial or place to learn to do these kind of particle systems? I have seen the particle madness links etc, but what they do in this project is way more impressive, any tips, I really want to learn to create something similar to that, thank you very much


it maybe a bit advanced for a start, but you could check this recording of a DX11.Particles workshop.

also check the help patches of these contributions: Particles related Contributions

the dx11.particles library comes with lots of simple help patches for each node, I’d recommend to study those :)

thank you very much everybody, Im ready to go all the way to the advanced stuff,
so you think that if i study well the DX11.Particles workshop., then I would know enough to attempt to make similar stuff?

thank you ;)

you will have to tell us. go through it, then come back with your questions.


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