Turning photos into 3d models

Can anyone recommend any software for this?

I need to model quite a complex (and large) sculpture.

Have played a little with photomodeler http://www.photomodeler.com/ but it seems a little clunky and best suited to objects with lots of planar surfaces (which the sculpture is not!)


Try the points cloud function (Photomodeler Scanner)

I’ve had a little play with this function but it seemed designed for smaller objects.

Have you tried it with a larger scale object? (This thing is like 15m tall!)

The other issue is that it seems to get confused when there is a plain texture on a surface (rather than a more random or constantly changing texture)

mrboni you can do it yourself…
but in basic there is no easy way, or you have to model it so it will have all the shit the model needs like uv’s, or you can do laserscan and then play with points, what is not that fun and fast as modeling… Basic recommendation will be use the physical dimensions of object instead of a photo since photos usualy distorted…

Hi antokhio.

The problem is that the structure is pretty complex with barely any planar surfaces, and my modelling skills aren’t very developed.

But yes, Plan B is to measure key distances and positions then model manually.

No I haven t tried it with a 15 meters high sculpture… can t see why shouldn t it work though, given you can get properly lit pictures.
Have you calibrated your camera?

The idea with points cloud is to get it right so you get not too many, not too few points, then import in a 3d editor and do the triangulation. Anyway you can t expect a click and go procedure.


Yes I have calibrated.

The problem with triangulating in another program is that you wont end up with a textured mesh though, which would be desirable.

One problem I had before with Photomodeler was getting all of the photos in a set to ‘process’. I’d end up getting part way through and then one photo wouldn’t process with the ones preceeding so I had to stop. Couldn’t see any way around it, apart from re taking the photos. Did you have any issues with this?

I’m not worried about a bit of grunt work btw!

Maybe http://www.photo-to-3d.com/ can help.

or this http://labs.autodesk.com/utilities/photo_scene_editor/?popupDownload=1

Can you post a pic at list of what you are talking about and better from projector positions…

today a friend told me about this one


seems promising…

Thanks for your suggestions guys.

I’ve been playing with Autodesk Photofly for the past coupler of weeks and can report that it really almost is a ‘click and go procedure’ that works.

I recommend trying it out.

I’ll try to give a quick report soon of the others I have tried.

One thing about Photofly is that it’s a free demo at the moment but it’s future is currently undecided and it may be absorbed into another autodesk package.