Turn of Anti-Aliasing?

Hi there vvvvolks,

quick question:

I know this seems unusual but is there a way to turn off anti-aliasing in dx11?

I searched the forum but found nothing. (nobody wants to do that apparently)

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it’s a pin on the renderer nodes. by default it’s off

okay, hmmm… on my system i can only choose between 1, 2, 4, 8 samples. Where exactly can i turn it off?

on dx9 in inspector it’s off by default…

@Gorg: sample count means rasterization samples per pixel. 1 is AA off, 2 is 2xAA, 4 is 4xAA, 8 is 8xAA you get it


simplified said:
if AA is 2 (for example), the image gets rendered with double of the resolution, hence a pixel is rendered as 4 pixels. if not all those 4 pixels are covered by the geometry, the pixel gets darker, which results in a smoother edge.

now imagine how AA 16 impacts the performance :)