Turn 16 LED's off or on

I would like to know if there is a simple way to turn 16 led’s on or off, I am building a custom interface from joysticks, and want to run a few led’s just to indicate states.

buy arduino, learn the basics and copy the following example
and extent it with serial communication…

or glue 16 photo resistors in front of your monitor and connect the leds in series.

:) crazy oschatz

Sweet, have bought an ardunio, can’t wait to get into it…

a little tip - you have to use shift registers to multiply the outputs of arduino. i can send you my patches/arduino code when your arduino arrives, just write me a mail if you want them (7eitl0satgmx.net). i hope i will find some time in the future to post some clean patches to the wiki.


Cheers, I will do that for sure