This is my first patch but I’m a little stuck right now.

I have this tunnel, speed can be changed with the slider. If you position the camera in the tunnel it will create a cool effect.

Anyway, I’m still a noob on this, perhaps someone can help. I would like to change the colors of the rings but I want the last one to change first (the one all the way in the back, and it passes eventually by the camera). So there should be some delay?

Eventually, it would be nice to get corners, stars in the background, special effects - like warping into space…

tunnel.zip (38.5 kB)

I am sure you find THIS topic rather interesting, Cheezywiss made something very simulair and spooky.

changing the colors of each ring separately is probably easiest to do using something like a Queue, RingBuffer or S+H node for holding all the colors. it might be a bit tricky to sync the color changes to the ring movement in a way that looks consistent, but since you already know a bit about spreads, you’ll certainly get behind that, too. the (Spreads)-categorie of nodes will be your friend for this one.

Pfew, a Queue, Ringbuffer, S+H is way to complicated to me… I resolved it using a HSL connected to the color io and set the spread and columns the same as the amount of rings…

Check my example… Is this the way to go?

tunnel.zip (99.9 kB)