TUIO Decoder

Working fine now… just didn’t have the bounding box calibration done up.

hi all,
reading on the vvvvorum i found this post by circuitb:
@defetto dell sx2210T with tuio decoder works like a charm…only 2 detected blobs for instance”.

I buyed yeasterday a dell sx2210T, but for now i don’t understood how to detect the 2 touchs of the monitor in vvvv,
someone (for example circutb :P) has some hints?
thx ;)

hi screamer,
you need this app:

to hack the newtwindow driver …
but as explained by vux…it’s not multi touch, it’s dual touch

thx circuitb, i will follow the instruction ;))
for the 2 touch, i know, but 2 touch is in anycase better than one ;P

i tried to follow the instructions, but i have some problems. i downloaded the app at the first link (from here and when i launch it seems to detect my monitor, but flash (or vvvv or reaktor) dosen’t seems to see the osc signals (or the socket for flash).
So i downloaded the one of your second link, but it crashes. what i do wrong?

2nd link : is what you need
works perfect with tuio decoder in vvvv

@circuitb: this was my first try, but when i launch it I have a error, like in this shot :( what can be? i tried with the default drivers (that one from the original cd of the monitor) and the drivers from nextwindow site, but always crash.
i don’t know why :(

shot.JPG (40.9 kB)

try to dwl the latest drivers from dell

under xp i’ve this
driver version:

driver details :
hidkmdf.sys 6.1.7100.0
NW1950.sys :
NWtranslib.sys :
Wdfcolinstaller01009.dll : 1.9.7100.0

hope it helps

vux helped me to find the problem. I have windows7 64bit, so vux told me that the program is not forced to run in 32bit, and win try to run it in 64bit, so it crash. I asked in the nuigroup forum if they can compile a version forced to 32bit, and then probably it will run. The sample that vux sended me run well after this forcing… we will see…

here is the source (vb 2008) dunno if it helps

unfortunately there’s some missing informations like:
blobs angle(calculated from the ghost touches position?)/velocity/acceleration and Size(the TUIODecoder plugin doesn’t have a blob size pin)

i’m having a problem with this sometime reporting touches at -1,1 when they first appear (for one frame)

i think it’s when it only receives half the packet or something
so it knows there’s a touch, but it doesn’t know where to put it
so it just bungs it in the top left until more data arrives

(testing with ccv 1.2)