TTY: Corrupt link-message in Patch: .....v4p ViewNodes not found!


I’m bug fixing with the TTY render and I keep getting the following message when I open up a patch:

Corrupt link-message in Patch: patch.v4p ViewNodes not found!

I’m using 27.1, but started patching in 25 I think (it’s an old patch, cleaning off the dust).



Fixed it by copying old patch in to a new one.

Must have been ghost IO boxes.

With 27.1 I have many of these issues. Recently, after some of these problems, I searched and found a link between two node tags in xml, pointing to an input pin of another subpatch, but this pin was regularly linked in the subpatch xml code.

Usually copy/pasting would solve this; but I had to modify the xml, since that buggy link, as evidence, had never got lost during copy\paste operation.

Also, after xml surgery, another strange behavior disapperead: when saving a subpatch in the patch containing buggy link, this subpatch was then docked inside itself, 2 identical patches docked together - useless to alt-3 just one cause both would be affected and deleterious have been ctrl-W in just one, since this would delete subpatch.

It’s recent stuff, and should be somewhere; if it’s of any interest I’ll post here - but we’re running towards 27.2, sooo…

Interesting you mention the docking problem. I was not able to alt-3 windows, had to hide via mouse menu.

Odd! Anyway, yes let’s wait for 27.2.

Here’s a patch showing the ghostly pin issue. (2.5 kB)

is the same?