Trying to tune the feedback

Hello beuties! I’m trying to create something like a feedback effect, using FrameDelay (DX11.texture 2D)
this is what happen when I set the alpha of the feedback to 0.9980468:

and this when I set it to 0.9980469!

How can I achieve something midway? Perhaps using some different way?
[EDIT] I mean, I need more feedback than the first case, like double, without reaching the second case where the feedback remains permanently (517.8 KB)

This issue is caused by your refresh rate in combination with the 8-bit resolution of your texture. Each channel can represent 128 different values, so the smallest step possible is ~0.0078.

You can set your mainloop speed to the speed of your video to see more frames or render with a higher bit count to make smaller steps possible, but this is a technical limitation of this technique.

It costs more performance, but you can use a texture queue(dx9) while setting different lightness values for each frame. Make sure to transform the textures within your queue in Z away from the camera to have the latest frames “on top”.

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Thanks @schlonzo !! I’m trying to do with the Queue(dx9) but a problem arises! It’s pretty weird (at least, for me) so I’m opening a new tread. Basically, when the latest frames are “on bottom” it works, but if I try to put the latest frames “on top” I see only the last frame. It make no sense!

ok so in the end the best solution was to set the temp render to 16bit. easy-peasy!
thanks for the explanation